Brant Mobile Rentals

Customer Name: Matt McIver – Brant Mobile Rentals

Vehicle: Golden Falcon – Twin axle 17ft mobile bar

Project Description:

The Golden Falcon is an 18ft Glendale Camper that has been converted into a fully versatile and portable beverage “Bar”. The Golden Falcon Runs off a generator, making it completely self-sufficient and will go wherever it fits. The Golden Falcon offers 2 Kegerator fridges with 4 taps. It is also equipped with 1 beverage centre and 1 commercial mid-size stand up fridge allowing ample room to keep beverages cold. Also onboard is a 3-compartment sink for sanitization and ample plugs to allow for other items to be powered like; Blenders, coffee makers, slush machines etc.…


1-   Tell us about your experience with using your Gravity systems?

We have known Ben and his team since the company’s initial launch of the GravityDrive system for dual axle trailers. We were the first customer to receive it and it has been quite the journey. Ben and his team have been right beside us for any issues or concerns we may have had. It has been very cool to see the continued improvements of the GravityDrive system and the software app that goes along with it. 

2-      What was life like before you had our systems. Explain how your experience has improved?

With the industry we are in, there can be a few challenges associated with delivering our trailer to events. We can navigate very tight quarters that you would never be able to if it was hooked up to a tow vehicle. Delivering the trailer has also become a one-person job. We don’t need a spotter to help navigate the tight areas and obstacles.

3 – What is your main purpose for needing our systems?

We use the GravityDrive for our business. We operate our Mobile Event trailer and delivering it to customers has been way easier and allowed it to be positioned in spots most trailer without GravityDrive could never reach.

4 – What is your favourite thing about our products? 

Our favorite thing about the GravityDrive is the versatility it provides.

Our thoughts

We feel so blessed to have such amazing customers. 🙏📱🚐

@brantmobilerentals were one of the first customers to work with us and we couldn’t have picked a better early adopter.

Customer Testimonial

The drive system paid dividends today. Wish I could explain the situation but we were lucky to have it!!!

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