‘Elsa’ Vintage Airstream

Customer Name: Mario M

Vehicle: 1967 Vintage Airstream – Twin axle 27ft

Project Description:

‘Elsa’ is our passion project, restoring this “soon-to-be” beautiful vehicle to combine the latest technology and comforts with the original ‘vintage’ look and feel that respects her heritage.


1- Tell us about your experience with using your Gravity systems?

It has been a pleasure working with Ben and the team to help create our dream Airstream. As we have not yet had a trip with it we have been able to be a part of the whole process in the developement and installation. Ben and the team have gone over and above with assisting us with other RV repairs and services that has made my experience more enjoyable

2 – What was life like before you had our systems. Explain how your experience has improved?

Using a truck to tow and reverse has been challenging. We are excited to take our family on the road and allow my wife to be able to park the RV without needing my help. It truly just gives us both the independence and comfort. 

3 – What is your main purpose for needing our systems?

As a family of four we plan to go off grid and boondock. So having solar with 1200 watts of capacity will give us the freedom to stay for longer periods. Also being off grid the parks or destinations can tend to be a little tight with backing a tow vehicle so it will give us more range to find that perfect spot. Having unstable ground, and the hassle of setup was a concern which is why we needed to have an auto levelling system.

4 – What is your favourite thing about our products? 

The versatility and convenience with adventuring.

Our thoughts

Elsa was one of our first early adopters of GravityDrive, Self leveling + SolarForm. She comes with the whole package. And we can’t wait for Elsa’s interior to be completed and be on the road making memories with the family.

Whether Elsa goes off grid or to a national park she is fully equipped to make sure everyone is comfortable and ready to back into those tight spaces. Reversing a 27 foot airstream used to be a challenge. Now you just press a button and let your phone do the work.

Our SolarForm is uniquely custom made to fit the curves of an airstream.

Customer Testimonial

Working with Ben and the team at GravityRV has been a professional collaboration from the very beginning. He is informative, excellent with scheduling, and sticks to his quotes. My Airstream’s self drive system blows peoples minds.

Technical Specification

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