‘Ridiculously Comfortable’ Airstream

Customer Name: Stuart L

Vehicle:  Airstream – Twin axle 16ft

Project Description:

Boardwalk is a motivated sales agency servicing Ontario, Canada, and offering outdoor & lifestyle brands. Stu uses his beautiful Airstream to showcase his product lines at trade shows, events and when visiting customers. The vehicle helps to represent Boardwalk’s slogan of ‘get into the outdoors and explore the products we so passionately represent’, and exemplifies the values of the brands it represents.


1-   Tell us about your experience using your Gravity systems?

We represent multiple outdoor footwear brands as their sales agency in Ontario, Canada. With our Mobile Airstream event vehicle we find ourselves in various outdoor settings like the beach, parks and so on. Having the Gravity 5-point AutoLevel system has been a game changer for us, in getting the vehicle stable and leve even on the uneven ground we often encounter. Setup is super easy and efficient as we only have to press a button on our phone and the system automatically levels our ‘Reef’ trailer for us. After having the system for almost two years, we couldn’t imagine doing events without it, since as a busy business owner it cuts our setup time in half.

2-      What was life like before you had our systems. Explain how your experience has improved?

Often a pain in the butt lol. But seriously, no more hand-cranking of jacks, using chocks or lifting blocks, and no more waiting for slow drop-down jacks while holding down a button for each one, and then checking that the vehicle is actually level. We just hit self-level on the app, and continue getting prepped, while the system figures itself out.

3 – What is your main purpose for needing our systems?

Our mobile events vehicle needed a proper solution for true levelling, even on rough or uneven ground.

4 – What is your favourite thing about our products? 

Quicker and easier set-up and tear-down.

Our thoughts

We work with many business owners and they all have similar complaints about their mobile businesses. It is our great pleasure whenever we make their lives easier. Levelling is a major issue in the industry and we are grateful for taking that pain point off of our customers.

Customer Testimonial

We were introduced to Gravity in 2022 and we are so pleased we found them. Our time is so important and it truly gives us the time back. Totally worth the investment for our mobile events vehicle.

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