Our electric drive system that can be fitted to any travel trailer RV without vehicle modifications, enabling slow-speed maneuvering & parking without a tow vehicle. The system works on single or twin-axle trailers up to 10,000 lbs GVWR, provides up to 30 minutes or 1,800 feet of travel, and can handle inclines of up to 15%.

GravityDrive consists of an electric motor assembly that is permanently mounted to the vehicle in front of or behind each wheel on the main axle(s) of the trailer. No modifications, drilling or welding of the frame is necessary for most travel trailer models, thus simplifying installation and ensuring manufacturer warranties are not affected. By providing powered drive to the main wheels of the trailer where 85% of the weight of the vehicle is concentrated, maximum traction is ensured to allow the trailer to be maneuvered using the system in all ground conditions where use of a tow vehicle would be possible. A single-axle vehicle will use two GravityDrives, one for each wheel, and a tandem-axle vehicle (typical for trailers in excess of 5,000 lbs GVWR) will use four.

The system uses an electric actuator to engage the motor drive unit via friction against the tire of the wheel to be driven, and pressure of engagement is monitored by the control unit to ensure no tire slippage. The addition of an independent tongue wheel system which fits most existing tongue jacks (by replacing the jack-foot) completes the system. The tongue wheel system may either be retracted using the tongue jack, or removed with a single securing pin, to ready the vehicle for towing and road travel.

The entire system is controlled via bluetooth from our Gravity smartphone app to allow complete variable speed control to up to 1 ft/second in both forward or reverse, and facilitates steering by running the wheels on opposing sides of the vehicle at different speeds. When stopped (even when switched off) the motors automatically apply a brake to the wheels, ensuring the vehicle is safely parked and cannot be moved without disengaging the drive system. This allows the vehicle to be stopped safely even on an incline (up to 25% slope), and acts as a security feature since without use of the authorized app for that specific vehicle, the wheels remain locked and the trailer cannot be towed. The system automatically stops and locks the wheels of the vehicle in place in an emergency or if connectivity to the app is lost.



Park and re-hitch your RV from your SmartPhone

  • Single and twin-axle RVs up to 10,000 lbs
  • Up to 30 minutes or 1,800 feet of travel
  • Simple installation on most towable RV models
from $2,800 for a single-axle drive system*

*price before installation cost