Adding solar panels to the roof of an RV provides an unlimited source of free power to recharge its batteries and run its systems. The advent of reasonably-priced lightweight flexible solar panels allows solar to be more easily added, especially to smaller RVs and those with curved roof profiles including Airstream, Boler, and more. However, adding flexible panels to an RV typically involves bonding the entire panel to the roof with an adhesive product. This means that it can never be removed, whether for upgrading, or in the event of a fault with the panel. In addition, solar panels get very hot – up to 185°F (85°C) – and this heat is then transmitted directly into the roof, effectively trying to cook your RV. Rigid solar panels are heavy, ugly, and require significant mounting structure.

SolarForm is the best of all worlds – custom-moulded curved solar panels profiled to perfectly fit the contours of an RV’s roof, with a capacity of up to 200w per panel. They incorporate a rigid polycarbonate insulating layer and our proprietary mounting system, maintaining light weight, minimizing heat transfer, and allowing them to be elegantly fitted to the roof without adhesive and without piercing the roof or compromising its integrity.

Our remove and use mounting option allows the panels to be removed upon arrival at the RV’s destination, in less than 2 minutes, so that the vehicle can be parked in the shade, and the panels easily removed and placed in direct sun. This allows smaller RVs without air-conditioning systems to benefit from optimum solar power whether being driven, when stored, or even when parked in the shade.

We complete the SolarForm product offering with a custom sized power management system including charge controller(s), inverter, and lithium batteries, based on analysis using our proprietary RV solar sizing software tool.



Moulded lightweight removable roof-mount solar system

  • Custom-profiled for the shape of your vehicle
  • Option for easily removable roof-mount panels
  • Park in the shade and place panels in optimal sunlight
from $795 for a 175 watt panel with controller*

*price before installation cost